Teaching girls and boys together from the ages of 3 through to 16, parents can be assured of the advantages that this all-through integrated environment can bring.

Shoreham College pupils benefit from shared facilities, caring support staff and specialist teachers, offering a broader curriculum than may be on offer in other schools. As the children progress through the school they are familiar with all the staff and their peers, they become used to moving around the school and interacting with the older pupils, and once senior education begins at 11 they have already acclimatised.

There is a freedom from pressure, not only because we do not undertake Year 6 SATs but also, because they are already here, children do not have to worry about passing an entrance exam, creating a seamless transition from Junior to Senior schools. We believe that this all-through education encourages stability and attainment. Keeping the child engaged in a familiar, comfortable environment, rather than subjecting them to a potentially stressful move, retains their confidence and happiness and therefore encourages learning.

Shoreham College also chooses to be co-educational, trusting that this better prepares our pupils for a world in which men and women live and work alongside each other. We recognise that girls and boys sometimes have different strengths and needs, but that all should have the same opportunity. As a successful school we cater for every type of learner as an individual, regardless of their gender.