Virtual Shoreham College

On a Meet

Our whole community has worked together at this time and adapted quickly, inventively, imaginatively and intelligently to provide an engaging remote learning platform – Virtual SC - for all our pupils.

We believe that we have created a balanced timetable; helping the children stick to routines with academic work whilst also ensuring plenty of creative and physical activities to reduce screen time and promote wellbeing.

Together we teach

Remote IT Support
Remote teaching
Remote teaching

Our excellent IT department responded quickly and equipped all our teachers and staff working remotely with a combination of Google tools; Classroom, to provide resources and set and receive work; Meet, to provide face to face teaching.

Delivering a structured, yet partially flexible timetable of age-appropriate work through a mix of live and pre-recorded lessons, we are supporting the pupils in a robust yet sensitive manner, ensuring their best academic progress but without causing stress and anxiety. We have devised a broad and balanced timetable, which gives focus to developing skills, knowledge and understanding alongside opportunities for creative learning and independent thinking. The teachers have been able to engage and enthuse the pupils, who have, in turn, impressed us with how they have embraced the change and responded to these unprecedented challenges.

Mr Taylor-West has been running parent focus groups and continues to gather parent and pupil and teacher feedback to enrich our development and further improve and adjust our Virtual SC.

Remote teaching
Remote learning
Remote learning

Our expectations of high levels of presentation, detail and accurate work remain in place. We have, however, provided appropriate differentiation within the activities to ensure equal access for all pupils.

Most importantly we want to ensure that the pupils remain engaged in the learning process and continue to flourish over the coming months retaining resilience, health and good mental wellbeing.

Working together, with patience and mutual empathy we believe we have created something that may indeed have long-term benefits for us all.

Virtual SC Highlights

There have been so many new and inventive ways to motivate our pupils - taking virtual trips to the zoo, quizzes, challenges, competitions, scavenger hunts to name a few - here are some of the highlights:

Remote learning
Remote learning
Remote learning


The science department have been particularly inventive setting challenges such as ‘Climate Kid’ and ‘Biodiversity in my Backyard’.

English are using the Achieve 3000 reading programme.

The history department responded quickly to recent events holding lively discussions on slavery, BLM and the power of statues to reflect both our history and our modern values.

Physical Education

The PE department have been amazing, filming all lessons, setting daily/weekly challenges and posting videos of themselves demonstrating good practice.

We have been taking part in the Sussex School Virtual games, the ‘Lands End to John O’Groats Challenge’ and ‘Travel To Tokyo.’


The music department have responded with online performances for the inter-house music celebrations, and producing a video. They will be doing the same for the summer concert.

The drama department set a project to write and perform monologues and received an excellent response.


A fantastic; Mindfullness; resource has been created on the portal for all age groups of pupils and parents too.

Enrichment activities

An excellent resource of enrichment and home activities called ‘Virtual Wider Curriculum’ has been created for all pupils to access.