Nurturing happy children

Shoreham College is a school that cares; a school that values its children, knows them well, and ensures that they feel safe, secure and happy, regardless of their academic starting points. Personally, I have taught in schools for the academic elite and schools that cater for wider ranges of ability and different kinds of people and I know which I prefer. It is why I am here.

With our blend of enthusiastic children, inspiring teachers and supportive parents we are able to achieve something special: we achieve a school that has true warmth which fosters fun and an enjoyment of learning. We believe that a happy child in a family environment will flourish; we enjoy coming into school every day and so do they.

We encourage the children to enjoy being children yet allow them to grow. Through our excellent pastoral care we nurture, guide, support and inspire them to grow emotionally, spiritually and academically. We are rewarded by seeing them grow up into confident young adults ready to take on the challenges of life.

Our 11-acre site is friendly and open, and has outstanding facilities; a modern sports hall, specialist design technology and science resources, ICT suites, heated swimming pool, well-maintained sports fields and open spaces; all of which provide a safe and healthy environment for your child.

Please come and visit our school: talk to the staff, meet the pupils and see the beautiful setting in which children are nurtured. Only then will you feel and appreciate the unique atmosphere of our school, and fully understand why it is so special.

I extend a warm welcome to you at any time of the school year.

R Taylor-West, Headmaster

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