Pupil Testimonials

Here at Shoreham College we get the amount of freedom and support we need. The staff encourage us to be individuals and to be the best we can be, pushing us to achieve our maximum potential. – Joshua yr10

Shoreham College is like a big family. We all get on well together and, through thick and thin, we stick together. Any pupil will achieve at Shoreham College in any area they want. Yr10

My time at Shoreham has shown me who I am as a person and that if I put my mind to activities – no matter how hard things can be, I can do anything. – Katie yr 10

The best five years of my life have been spent at Shoreham College. Thank you to everyone who made those years unforgettable. – Annabel y11

When I came here I never thought I would do all the things I have done, from speaking in front of the school to going on expeditions in the woods. This school has made me such a better person. Thank you to everyone here. – Chishimba yr 11

I can honestly not thank the staff enough for a great 13 years at Shoreham College! It’s a great school and the best possible place I could have started my life of education. Thanks again. – Jack Yr11

Thank you for bringing out my potential in all subjects and giving me a good education! I have a lot of great memories from this school and I’ll never forget my time here. Thank you. – James Yr11

I have been here since Year 3 and have enjoyed every minute of it and have had great memories. Thank you to all the staff for helping me through the years and bringing out the best in me. – Yr11

Shoreham College is great it gives you the help that you need. Shoreham College has good people that are friendly and happy. I like the teachers at Shoreham College because they are very kind. - Sian Yr 5

I think Shoreham College is a great school with a great teachers and buildings. I find that the teachers will get the most out of you and help you. This school gives you lots of options ahead in life. With the learning you also have the fun and we have a great playground and field. – Matt Yr5

One of the main things I like about the school is all the sport and the sports facilities, because of the wide range of things we do and they teach you how to play and get better at the things you can’t do. Also when you don’t get it they will always help you. – Alex yr 6

Shoreham College is small and everyone knows everyone’s name which is good. Yr 8

When I first came I had a hobby of music. Some of the music department noticed this and helped me succeed. Now I have a jazz grade 4 and I’m doing grade 5 in summer of 2013. Yr 8

Shoreham College is a really good school. It’s very supportive and welcoming. People here are very enthusiastic and love to participate in all sporting and academic events. Yr 9

Because it’s such a small school I love that most teachers know who you are. I love that there’s a lot of sporting fixtures for me to participate in. It helps me to enjoy sport and exercise more. Yr9

There is a real sense of community throughout Shoreham College, there is always someone to talk to should you have a problem, and there is always someone who will be happy to let you join in. Yr9

I like this school because everyone is friendly and all the teachers are very supportive if a student has a problem. I would recommend Shoreham College to absolutely anyone who was looking for a good, fun school. And I guarantee you will have a good time. Yr9