On Joining the College

The College educates children between the ages of three and sixteen. The youngest children are looked after in Early Years 1 from the age of three. Pupils aged between three and ten are taught in the Junior School, but as the children move up the school, they make increasing use of specialist rooms and teachers.
Pupils make their GCSE choices during Year 9 before embarking on two-year courses.


On joining the College the children are placed in one of four houses, Grenville, Nelson, Rodney and Raleigh, to which they remain attached throughout their school career. The Head of House plays an important role in involving the pupils in a variety of house activities that help to develop social skills as well as the ability to work as a team. There are regular house assemblies and a wide range of inter-house competitions and activities are staged throughout the school year.




The form teacher oversees the academic and general progress of the members of the form, and deals with minor problems on a day to day basis. Form numbers are kept low and the teacher to pupil ratio is approximately 1:10.


Shoreham College is fortunate to have the use of the beautiful St Julian's Church, set within its grounds, for assemblies three times per week. Assemblies engage with the big issues of the day and personal development e.g. the European migration crisis and what is empathy, all within a Christian context. There are regular visiting speakers, and opportunities to visit other churches and learn about faiths within the Religious Studies curriculum.

End of School / After-School Activities

Pupils in Early Years 2 to Year 2 finish at 3.10pm, with a late room available until 3.50pm or 5.00pm. For Years 3 to 11 the school day ends at 3.50pm. The College offers a wide range of after-school activities including supervised homework until 5pm.

Uniform List

The uniform list is shown here.