Early Years 3-5 years of age

Welcome to Early Years at Shoreham College.

We are a small and friendly unit within the junior school. We offer our children a happy and stimulating learning environment with bright and airy classrooms and extensive grounds.

The Early Years Foundation Stage covers the period of a child's development and learning in the nursery and reception classes, and at Shoreham College we run these two classes as an Early Years unit. However we feel that our nursery pupils should have their own strong identity, one that they can relate to, but is still very much a part of the whole College. Our nursery year is therefore known as 'Little Lions'.



In Early Years the children’s wellbeing and happiness are our highest priorities. We believe they should be encouraged and supported to grow as unique children in a stimulating, safe and secure environment.

We work closely with our parents and families to ensure a holistic approach to and understanding of each child. Our Early Years classes are situated in a large, modern and well equipped area with direct access to the outside learning environment.

The curriculum is broad and balanced offering an exhilarating and inspirational learning journey. We foster a calm atmosphere with mutual respect between adults and children. The staff leading the unit are all experienced and qualified offering a strong academic and pastoral curriculum.

We welcome contact with our parents and encourage our families to liaise with us and to be a significant part of the children’s learning journey.