Learning at home

We believe it is important that a child's learning continues once they are at home.

We send a weekly newsletter to parents to outline the classwork and activities that have taken place in school, with suggestions for follow up tasks at home.

We also send books home with the child with a reading log, for parents to record what their child has read and whether they enjoyed it.

'Next steps' are also communicated to parents and home activities to support the child are suggested.

Each child is also given a personalised home/school diary which gives information and guidance on learning.

We also believe it is important that what a child achieves at home is shared with the school. We have a 'WOW' wall where parents can share home activities which are completed or a child's achievements. We also have a home learning wall which signposts maths activities and cross curricular challenges.

We also have an open door policy for parental communication.