Activities this term (Lent)



Member of Staff


Monday Stitch Club (Year 3&4) Mrs Savill Room 26
Transitional Rugby (Year 5&6) Mr Ritchie Sports Field
Classroom Based Games Miss McDonald Room 18a
Prep Mr Payne Room 32
Tuesday Tag / Transitional Rugby* (Year 3&4) External Sports Field
Dance Club* (Year 3-5) External Drama Studio
Card Craft Mrs Harris Room 17a
Multi-Sports (Year 5&6) Mr Harris Sports Hall
Prep Mr Ritchie Room 27
Wednesday Quiz Club Mr Payne Room 32
Mixed Cricket Mr Shambrook Sports Hall
Drama Mr Batstone Room 34
Prep Miss McDonald Room 18a
Thursday Craft Club (Year 3&4) Mrs Poole Room 29
Orchestra (Year 5&6) Mr Manson Music Block
DT (Year 5&6) half a term per year group (first 12 to sign up) Year 5 first 1/2 Mr Court Room 21
Dance* (Year 6) External Drama Studio
Prep Mr Harris Room 34
Friday Judo* External Lewis Hall
Reading for Fun Mrs Barness Room 17a
Prep Mrs Moore Room 28

* A separate charge will be made for these activities.