After School Clubs

A range of After School clubs and activities are available to the children. These include sporting and creative arts. For example: football, netball, rugby, multi sports, swimming athletics, judo, dance, craft, sewing, chess, design technology, story club choir and band. In addition, from Year 3 the pupils can attend prep.


Activities this term (Michaelmas)



Member of Staff


Monday Multi Sports (Year 3&4) Mr Payne Sports Hall
Football (Year 5&6) Mr Richie Sports Field
Prep Mrs Harris / Mrs Murphy Room 17a
Tuesday Musical Theatre (Year 3&4) Mrs Setton Room 18a
Stitch Club (Year 3&4) Mrs Savill Room 26
Football Skills* (Year 3&4) Sporty People Sports Field
Senior Choir (Year 5&6) Mr Manson Music Block
Prep Mr Harris / Mrs Murphy Room 34
Wednesday Frosticles (Year 3&4) Miss Frost Room 31
Netball* (Year 3&4) Sporty People Netball Courts
Netball (Year 5&6) Mrs Barness Netball Courts
Drama (Year 5&6) Mr Batstone Drama Studio
Multi Sports (Year 5&6) Mr Harris Sports Hall
Prep Mrs Savill / Mrs Murphy Room 26
Thursday Fun with Books (Year 3&4) Mr Payne Room 32
DT (Year 5/6) half a term per year group. Year 6 first 1/2. Mr Court DT Room
Orchestra (Year 5&6) Mr Manson Music Block
Prep Mr Ritchie / Mrs Murphy Room 27
Friday Judo* Judo Joe Lewis Hall
Dance* Miss Hayley Dance Studio
Girls Football (Year 6-9) Miss Kirby Sports Field
Prep Mrs Allan / Mrs Murphy Room 18a

* A separate charge will be made for these activities.