Johnny Depp to Duke Ellington

To chase away any autumnal blues, the annual Michaelmas Concert at Shoreham College started with a blast from the Pirates of the Caribbean, from the combined orchestra. The tune 'He's a Pirate' brought us upbeat rum-spiced images of Johnny Depp.

From that point onwards, the pupils continued to entertain the well-attended audience of parents and pupils with variety and talent. Postman Pat, which is not easy to play, rocking drum solos by Queen, and contemporary chart smashers from Capaldi, sat alongside Bach's 'Minuet in G' and John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy'.

Some of many highlights of the evening included fine solo performances from Zach on piano, playing Proksch, and Bryony’s charming rendition of 'Somewhere Only You Know'. William played an eighties' favourite 'Mad World' on the piano for his stage debut, which will have pleased many reminiscing parents as did Bo Lily’s Phil Collins' drum solo, 'I Can Feel it Coming in the Air'. 

The evening ended with band performances ambitiously scaling the heights of the Undertones and Clapton. It's not possible to mention every performance; it was a packed evening.

At the end of the concert, Mr Taylor-West said, 'It's great to see our young people getting up and exploring that creative and expressive part of themselves, which is so much part of their learning journey. I often wonder if this is when pupils learn very important things about themselves as people.'