The Senior Challenge - Creation

Was it the Big Bang? Did God really create the world in 6 days? Did the heavens and the earth hatch into existence from an 18,000 year old egg? The latest senior challenge explored the ultimate question 'How was the world created?'

Having studied various theories and beliefs in their RS lessons with cross-curricular links in Art and Science, our KS3 students embraced this challenge and once again went above and beyond in their creations of artwork, sculptures and video presentations. Just to name a few of our brilliant creations; we saw 3D models of Pan Ku illustrating the Chinese Taoism creation story, a cake, flipbook and video presentation showing the process of how the Big Bang happened, models of the Christian, Hindu creation story and fantastic embroidery pieces that again illustrated the popular scientific view of the creation of the world.

Well done to all of our KS3 students for their efforts in these fantastic projects. 

Miss Pang