Let's Talk Careers

This term Y9 and 10 have been fortunate enough to have two guest speakers come in to talk about their careers. 

First was Mr Robinson who has had a fascinating career journey that has gone from doing a degree in astronomy to running his own company which provides streaming software for broadcasting companies. Mr Robinson shared with the pupils how his career had led him to have a range of amazing experiences, from streaming Orbital’s set from the Glastonbury Festival to being involved in setting up the first live stream from the Houses of Parliament. He emphasised to pupils how important it was to learn as much as possible and gain as many experiences as possible as, whatever it is, it will give you valuable skills later in your career.

More recently Dr O’Neill visited and spoke to the pupils about her career as a Clinical Psychologist. This was an eye-opening talk which revealed the different (and sometimes surprising) types of work that clinical psychologists do. Dr O’Neill spoke to the pupils about her entry route into the profession and the fifteen years of training that she has done to get to where she is today! Dr O’Neill told the pupils about some of the experiences she had had in her job which revealed to the highs and lows that come with this career. The pupils were clearly very engaged and asked some very good questions at the end.

Next term there will be further visits, with the aim being to give pupils ideas and inspiration when thinking about their career choices.