EU Referendum

The polling booth was in action today at Shoreham College as pupils voted in their own European Referendum just days before the real thing.

Queues of pupils lined up to have their say, in an election process that very much mirrored the experience that many adults will be having on June 23rd. In just under 20 minutes, hundreds of pupils voted.

Headmaster, Richard Taylor-West, monitored the process as overseeing officer with staff and he commented: 'I was impressed by the seriousness with which the pupils approached the task and their level of engagement. Many had never seen a ballot box, or paper, before and it was clearly and excellent learning process. It is very important that young people get a sense of how democracy feels in action.'

The School Council and staff will count the vote throughout the day, though key staff feel, having taken polls earlier, that it is likely to be a 70% to 30% outcome if favour of remain. Mr Taylor-West commented: 'That result would mirror polls that have been taken nationally suggesting that the young see the question very differently to the over 50s. Many of them see themselves as Europeans and find the desire to be smaller and less connected to the wider world as almost nonsensical. Some, of course, see the vote as a chance for Britain to be great and go it alone.' As for the national picture, staff feel it is still very hard to call.

The result remains to be seen, of course, and as we witnessed in the last General Election, the pollsters can get it wrong. There will be a degree of excitement generated, as the College awaits the result.