Excellent Eco Education

On the 21st of June, the Shoreham College Eco Club joined other West Sussex schools at the 9th annual EYE Eco Summit being held at Davison CE High School for Girls.

The day began with an assembly addressing the impact of global warming, delivered by the Head of Climate Change and Energy at the WWF, and was followed by many varied workshops for all the schools to participate in. 

Our Eco champions reported back about their eye-opening experiences:

“We participated in various fabulous workshops which educated us on being more environmentally friendly. They varied from kite flying to rare animal handling.”

“My favourite activity was the Energy Watch workshop lead by the Brighton University STEM team. We investigated which factors affect the generation of wind power by constructing and testing mini wind turbines.”

“One of the highlights of the day was seeing leopard Gecko, Lebowski crawl up Denholm’s sleeve. Fortunately, he reappeared!”

The day ended with delight when it was announced that the Shoreham College Eco warriors had won the Eco video competition. They were chosen as winners for their wide range of initiatives including energy saving to buy an acre of rainforest.

The club returned to school with a gardening voucher and buzzing with ideas about how to make Shoreham College a more eco-friendly environment.

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