Shoreham College Scientists inspired by Professor Bacon

Professor Jonathan Bacon, Professor of Neuroscience at Sussex University was invited to lecture at Shoreham College to mark the completion of a £400,000 plus investment in its science laboratories.

Addressing a group of Year 10 triple science students, the Professor spoke about the varied and interesting life of a scientist, and the importance of studying STEM subjects. He encouraged the students to not just listen but be critical and ask questions. The group was certainly roused by his talk of how examining insects could help in the battle against most human diseases and how the Internet is based upon ant-inspired algorithms! Many questions were asked and also answered intelligently, in the Professor’s words, the pupils gave brighter answers than some of his 1st year University students - praise indeed!

Professor Bacon ended his inspirational talk by telling the students that his generation had created many problems for the planet and that their generation were the ones who were going to have to solve them. ‘Work hard’, he encouraged them, ‘and help save the planet’.
Richard Taylor-West, Shoreham's headmaster said: 'it was wonderful to have the Professor on site to mark the completion of our refurbished Science Laboratories with his lecture. The College has invested over £400,000 on the facilities and we are confident that they are adding real value to the learning experience for our pupils. He was clearly impressed by the new labs and the lesson that he gave our triple scientists today was truly inspirational. I don't think our pupils had quite realised the connections between ants and google maps, for sure. I think he may have inspired a new generation of scientists'.