Eco Club News

This half term Eco Club have been researching the environments our adoptive endangered animal family members live in and the updated threats posed to them.

Part of this project has included building small representations of these habitats to house and display the adopted animal plushies that we have been sent, along with fact sheets and our WWF animal updates into a new display to engage our fellow students more in the discussion and show what we have been doing and what we are trying to achieve to maximum effect. Below are some photos!

We are also looking at some new fundraising ideas to help conserve further acres of rainforest and continue our adoption effort, expanding the Eco family. In addition, we have continued with our epic field litter-picks through the winter and have welcomed some new members who are immensely positive and enthusiastic participants from year 7.

Next stop… Bees! Save the Bee!! We will be making bee hideaways in time for spring and starting our wider research into the phenomenon of CCD (colony collapse disorder) and finding out what we could do to help.

We have also been devising a new endangered species Top Trumps game to accompany our display and help to summarise some of the immediate threats faced by many of the world’s most critically endangered species.