Shoreham College pupils’ Lenten Charity Challenge

Pupils at Shoreham College have been going that extra mile to raise money to provide life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school.

A whopping £2322 was raised over the Lent term for Charity Mary’s Meals, whose main focus is to attract hungry children into the classroom by offering a nutritious daily meal in a place of education.

The charity was chosen by the Shoreham College student council who realise how lucky they are to go to a good school that provides hot meals every day. Ella Joyce, Year 11 wanted to do something to help, “every child should have the opportunity of education and access to hot food.”

The challenge was set over the Lent term, encouraging all pupils to ‘give something up for Lent’, or organise an event outside of school to raise money for the charity. Sam Jangles, Assistant Head and coordinator of charity events at the school asked the children to think long and hard about the hardships that children in third world countries have to endure, and to organise doing something that may be hard for themselves in order to help.

Pupils had sponsored silences, gave up pocket money and birthday money, sold cakes, washed cars and sold items on eBay, and a couple of pupils really did go the extra mile by organising sponsored events. Bertie set himself the challenge of a thirty-mile Bike ride and through sponsorship of family, friends, and neighbours raised a whopping £295! Jos spent weeks of training for a local sponsored run, a feat of endurance for her, but helped by her family, and with local neighbours cheering her on, enabled her to raise £100.

The Junior School found an additional way of collecting money and created a ‘money mile’. All pupils were asked to bring in a selection of coins which they laid in strips to create a long pathway that they could perhaps relate to the long and arduous walk that some children have to take to school every day.

Mrs. Jangles spoke of how pleased she was with how much thought the pupils gave to the challenge. “Bertie and Jos made a great effort, between them raising a huge amount, but all the pupils at Shoreham College made a contribution and have learned a lot about children less fortunate than themselves and more importantly how they can help change that.

It costs £13.90 to feed a child for one whole school year. Raising £2322 for Mary’s Meals means that there will 193 less hungry mouths in the world because of the thoughtfulness of the pupils here at Shoreham College."