Science welcomes some new GALS

This September we have welcome two new Giant African Land Snails (GALS) into Science, courtesy of Eddie Green in year 11.

Already quite sizeable, we anticipate that they could reach up to twice their current circumference, provided they are fed a good supply of calcium-rich foods! Already popular with the students and staff, they were also a hit at our recent open morning and have been causing ripples since their arrival.

GALS are extremely gentle, clean and docile creatures that are being fed on a diet rich in greens and calcium to encourage their growth. They each have their own lodgings and have enthralled all of the students they have met so far. Though, I don’t think they have been much bothered with us in return!

GALS originate from the West Coast of Africa and are common, if a bit unusual, pets worldwide and often collected in huge numbers due to their ease of care as well as the intricate patterns they can form on their shells.

In Science we often cover topics such as Ecology, Indigenous Species, Habitats, Food Chains and Nutrient Cycles and having a pair of our own invertebrates has provided a new edge to this work and a way to explain and demonstrate some of the trickier corners of these areas - as well as just being incredibly curious creatures to look at!