Junior pupils at Shoreham College were shocked to find that a meteorite had crashed landed in the playground on Wednesday morning!

At a special assembly, Mr. Batstone, Key Stage 2 coordinator, showed a video of the supposed crash taken from the CCTV cameras, which elicited much concern and excitement from the children. They were then escorted to the playground to look at where the meteor had landed. The area had been taped off and staff were out in special clothing to ensure the safety of all the pupils. They were amazed to see that something metal was poking out of the meteorite. One of the teachers braved it out and retrieved the circuit board from the meteorite. What could be contained on the microchip? Was it a message from aliens?

Luckily it wasn’t real and was all part of the Junior School's ‘big write’ programme. The teachers had set up the crash site and made a short CCTV film to encourage the pupils to think, research, and most importantly write! For the rest of the day, pupils from across the Junior School excitedly researched, planned and wrote stories based on the event. Where did the meteorite come from? Were aliens involved? What did they want? The questions and ideas were endless.

Junior School Headteacher, Mrs. Stokes said that the day had been a great success. “Pupils from our Nursery Class, Little Lions, all the way up to Year 6, were so excited about the incident. We know that children succeed best when motivated and actively involved and challenged. Our staged meteorite crashing down into school certainly caught their imaginations! The discussions and writing flowed, and the finished work produced by our pupils was excellent.”

Older pupils also talked about the impact of Fake-News and not believing everything you see or hear online.