Youth Speaks Winners

The team consisted of Madeleine as Chair, Lucas as Speaker and Aimee gave the Vote of Thanks. There was tough competition from Shoreham Academy and The Towers School, who had brought along a few encouraging supporters.

The Towers team was the first to address the floor, giving an impassioned speech entitled “The many grains of sand”, encouraging each of us to do something to help reduce climate change, and thus contribute to the metaphorical pile of sand. This was followed by an enlightening speech by the team from Shoreham Academy, who spoke on “The GTA Generation”, putting forward a voice on how video games should be used correctly and not feared.

When it was the turn of the Shoreham College team to speak, the audience had already listed to two well-planned speeches very carefully. However, under the guidance of Madeleine as Chair, the audience were happy to listen to the final speech. Madeleine immediately made the audience comfortable with the topic of “Certainty” and gave a smooth transition over to Lucas. It was very clear that Lucas felt impassioned by the topic; suggesting philosophical comments to help the audience to consider their own inevitable mortality. He confidently responded to the question, asking if a convenient truth could ever have a proper use. Aimee reflected on the presence of the audience and made considered summative comments.

After much deliberation, the judges decided to award Madeleine the best Chair prize and Lucas was given joint best Speaker, with the speaker from The Towers. The Shoreham College team were then overall winners of round one of the Rotary Club public speaking competition. They are now preparing to compete in the semi-final next year. We wish them all the very best of luck.

Shoreham's Head, Richard Taylor-West said: 'The standard at the competition was incredibly high and I am very glad I was not judging it - very tricky! I was excellent to see all of the young people from all three schools performing with such confidence and skill. Public speaking is sometimes a dying art I think - but not in Shoreham. Our team were superb.'