Woodland Trust film Shoreham College pupils

The Woodland Trust sent a film crew to Shoreham College last week to film a group of excited pupils opening tree packs sent to enrich their forest school.

The school was chosen to receive 450 trees to form part of its recently created forest school as part of a national scheme whereby the Trust sent out 561,000 saplings to schools and community groups across the UK.

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK. It aims to reduce the risk of importing pests and diseases with planting stock from outside the UK by sourcing seed in the UK and growing trees in the UK for their entire lifespan, to guarantee the provenance of native trees.

Shoreham College was approached to be part of a promotional film, which shows the journey the trees make from the nursery in Edinburgh to the point of delivery. Mrs Savill, Junior School teacher and Forest School leader at Shoreham College, led an excited Y4 class outside to open several packages of trees that arrived that day. She thanked the Woodland Trust for their donation, “they have generously provided trees and shrubs to further develop our forest school. So many different kinds of trees will be planted over the coming weeks to increase diversity and help local wildlife. These trees will ultimately provide a rich and stimulating environment for our children to learn, a great bonus to our already thriving forest school.”