Thames Path Challenge for Miss Kendrick

Our new science teacher here at Shoreham College, Miss Kendrick, impressed us all this weekend by taking on the tough endurance Charity event, the Thames Path Challenge. She has been in training for the 50km walk since Easter and completed the 25km Thames Bridge Trek last year.
“This challenge this Saturday was tough both mentally and physically but I was determined to finish it which I did in just under 13 hours including 2 1/4 hours of rest stops. I felt chuffed and happy to reach the finish line knowing on average I had walked around 5km an hour. Luckily I have only been left with two small blisters and achy legs so overall not bad at all!

In addition I have raised a total of £730 so far for the Brain Tumour Charity which is a cause that is very close to both the hearts of my family after losing my uncle to a Brain Tumour in 2003 and to many of my friends whose families have been affected in some way too.

I never was very sporty at school or as a young adult. I would definitely tell people it is never too late to try something new, push yourself out of your comfort zone or to develop your grit and growth mindset.

Now I have two medals over this last year to feel incredibly proud of both in terms of my own personal achievement and the fact I have been able to support a worthy charity.”