The Woman in Black Trip

A trip to the Fortune Theatre has served as an excellent revision aid for Y11s as we approach the mock exams next term.

On Tuesday 6th November all year 11 pupils travelled to London to see the stage play of The Woman in Black. The tiny theatre did not disappoint and pupils were treated to an atmospheric performance, which has been playing in London since 1987. Noted for its cast of two actors, pupils enjoyed a production that made an effective use of staging and lighting in order to create the fictional town of Crythin Gifford and the sinister setting of Eel Marsh House. There were many pupils that jumped when the presence of the woman in black was on the stage, or even coming through the audience with her captivating stare and frightening make up.

The play is an accurate representation of the events within the novel and this visit allowed pupils the opportunity to see how the writer Susan Hill was able to create tension using a range of Gothic features.