The Senior Challenge – Armistice

The senior project this term was combined with the Inter-house art competition. KS3 pupils had to design and create a piece of art-work, in any media, that would commemorate The Armistice. The pupils were taken off prep duties for a week and given the opportunity to work independently and practically.

They all produced some excellent work and had put a huge amount of thought and effort into the project. 

This was an important opportunity for our college community to reflect and remember the Great War, 1914-18, and many of the pieces of art-work have been displayed around the College.

Whilst we highly commend all the pupils for their hard-work and excellent skills, we did have the very hard task of choosing three winners from each year group. Well done to the following:

Year 7
Joe Ghibaldan - 7WH
Eamonn Melaniphy - 7SA
Alfie Price - 7SA

Year 8
Max Pendred - 8KE
Seth Bailey - 8EA
Loius Glanville - 8KE

Year 9
Grace Gilbert - 9PA
Maxx Cannon - 9PA
Rebecca Main - 9PA