Flippin’ good fun!

It was touch ago, as the weather has been challenging, but in a window of sunshine Shoreham College scrambled for the pancakes as per the annual tradition.

Competition was fierce and the year 5 scramblers from each of the four houses seemed to be ever more professional, as 3.5 kg of specially prepared pancake were snaffled from the grass in less than a minute. Nelson house won the day, securing an impressive 1800 grams of pancake mix in the blink of an eye.

Headmaster, Richard Taylor-West said it was terrific fun: 'The pupils love the event; it's a bit of old public school tradition from our past, first introduced in 1973, but it all adds to the spirited competition that happens between our houses, which binds the pupils together in supportive communities and teams'. He added that he always enjoyed watch the reaction of those, including new staff, who've not witnessed the spectacle before.

Congratulations to the triumphant winners, Jay, Fin, Olivia and Charlotte, winning £20!