Junior Concert

The Junior Music concert was a joy on Tuesday afternoon, this week. Our Little Lions started the show with a song about checking your watch and tick-tocked with lovely rhythm.

Other highlights included a horticultural ditty from Year 1 about digging our gardens, in a Latin American style; Year 2 sang 'What Makes a Family' with some tricky scales in it expressing a lovely message about diversity; and from older juniors we enjoyed songs about rock pooling, Romans and tunes from Bruno Mars and Take That too - Let it Shine, no less. And that's quite a challenge!

Our recorder players were rhythmic and amusing - and definitely drew some giggles from our audience. Drumming from Year 6 rumbled out some impressive beats and rhythms.

The Junior Choir performed two songs with gusto and energy, 'Everyday People' ending strongly with 'Barbecue Blues'. The last was timely and relevant given the awful weather on the day!

The final number was the whole team on and off stage simultaneously, and they shone again singing 'One Moment, One People'. What a tremendous message. 

They were led in their performances by the skilled and experienced Ms Summers and Mr Manson, of course. Their work with the pupils is always much appreciated.