Summer Concert, a classic SC event

Opening with a classical piece Abelazar's 'Rondeau', played by the Senior Orchestra, the Summer Concert got off to a fine start on Tuesday. The Junior Orchestra followed close on their heels with Fancuilli's 'Guaglione'.

The evening was packed with instrumental groups, vocal solos and duets taking in tunes ranging from Lee Morgan's 'Sidewinder' to Adele's 'When Were Young'.

A highlight of the evening was punk influenced number 'Butterfly' composed by Year 10s Ed and Will, which has already been played on local radio.

Other great moments saw newcomers Jessica charm the audience with her ukelele and 'I Don't Know My Name' and Ava smash 'Clearly', vocally. The Jazz Band gave a super soulful rendition of 'Valerie'. Joe's 'Danse Macabre' on the trombone was maturely done too.

The evening ended with an entertaining rendition of Knopfler's classic, 'Money for Nothing', reminding some of the audience of the summer of 1985.

The event was a showcase for the experienced pupils, whilst very successfully opening doors for those who were fresh to stepping up for an audience. The pupils played and sang with real soul.