Lifting people out of the slums

Shoreham College was visited last week by Ashok Rathod, one of the founders of the Oscar Foundation, a charity working with 4000 slum children aiming to change their world.


Haunted House

Audiences were invited to join specialist ghost hunters this week to investigate a series of mysterious hauntings in Shoreham College.

Junior Concert

The Junior Music concert was a joy on Tuesday afternoon, this week. Our Little Lions started the show with a song about checking your watch and tick-tocked with lovely rhythm.

Flippin’ good fun!

It was touch ago, as the weather has been challenging, but in a window of sunshine Shoreham College scrambled for the pancakes as per the annual tradition.

The Senior Challenge – Armistice

The senior project this term was combined with the Inter-house art competition. KS3 pupils had to design and create a piece of art-work, in any media, that would commemorate The Armistice. The pupils were taken off prep duties for a week and given the opportunity to work independently and practically.

Rosa’s Rights!

Recently, in our English lessons we have been learning and writing letters expressing our views about segregation in 1950s America. We wrote a formal letters to President Dwight D Eisenhower who was the president at the time. We used the example of Rosa Parks, an extremely inspirational black woman who stood up against the unfair segregation.