Shoreham College Share Sports with Local Schools

Shoreham College welcomed local junior schools for an afternoon of sports development under the guidance of its Sports Leaders and Coaches.

Summer Concert, a classic SC event

Opening with a classical piece Abelazar's 'Rondeau', played by the Senior Orchestra, the Summer Concert got off to a fine start on Tuesday.


Lifting people out of the slums

Shoreham College was visited last week by Ashok Rathod, one of the founders of the Oscar Foundation, a charity working with 4000 slum children aiming to change their world.


Haunted House

Audiences were invited to join specialist ghost hunters this week to investigate a series of mysterious hauntings in Shoreham College.

Junior Concert

The Junior Music concert was a joy on Tuesday afternoon, this week. Our Little Lions started the show with a song about checking your watch and tick-tocked with lovely rhythm.

Flippin’ good fun!

It was touch ago, as the weather has been challenging, but in a window of sunshine Shoreham College scrambled for the pancakes as per the annual tradition.