OSA Netball Match – 18th November 2017

Due to unfavourable weather, this year’s OSA netball match was once again played indoors. With 23 girls turning up to play, three teams were formed; one school team of Years 9 and 10, one school team of Year 11s and a mixed team of staff and OSA.

The first match saw Years 9 and 10 pitted against the OSA/Staff team. After losing this first match 6-0, the OSA/Staff team came back fighting and drew against the Year 11 team 5-5. The OSA/Staff team then really gathered momentum for the final match against a mixed school team with some cracking goals from Mrs Jangles and they won the third match 6-2.

Although the final score was one win each plus a draw, the school team managed to lift the trophy with a two goal difference.

As always, the matches were played in good spirit and enjoyed by all who took part. Well done and thank you to all the girls who played and a thank you to Mrs Jangles for organising the tournament.


School Team, Years 9 & 10

School Team, Year 11

OSA & Staff Team

Ella Joyce Lilia Erskine Mrs Jangles
Aimee Cheeseman Becca Hemingway Mrs Moore
Hannah Pelham Tegan Darby Mrs Barness
Katie Shillaker Amber Spicer Mrs Salih
Amelia Southon Lili Veness Jada Salih
Molly Hyde Bebe Bernstein Katie Thomas
  Maddie Marinko-Maechler Lydia Halmos
    Sara Heap
    Miss Early
    Mrs Stokes


Photos courtesy of Ms Morgan and Mr Court.

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