Bruce Statham - 1953 – 2009

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Bruce Statham from a heart attack on 30 March 2009, aged 57.

He was the youngest boarder at Shoreham – Pond Road, Shoreham – when he arrived in 1960 aged 7.  He was very small, and thin, with ginger hair; so was very noticeable.

Bruce was one of a small number of pupils who were at Pond Road, both locations in Worthing and at St Julian’s Lane back at Shoreham,  David Abbott and Andy Aldridge being two of the others.

Bruce went on to become a successful solicitor, firstly in London and then with his own practice in the Southampton area, specialising in personal cases for physically injured parties and related work (including Piper Alpha claims).

Bruce was Secretary of the Old Shorehamers’ until 1988, when Ashley took over.  Interestingly there have only ever been 5 Secretaries of the OSA.  The first three being, in chronological order, Cyril Holloway (David Knight’s uncle), Alan West and Richard Grove – another solicitor.

Bruce played for the Old Shorehamers football club in London and he organised the football for the OSA v The School for many years.

His funeral was held at Chichester Crematorium and there was standing room only for those not there early.  It was a moving occasion and true to his individuality, a humanist service with his own favourite music.  He has left two sons, James and Edward, and was very proud of his grandson aged one...who was also born with ginger hair.

Article written by Christopher Wynne