David Dunkerley - Unknown DOB - 2016

We have been notified of David’s passing by Mike Longley, his old school friend. David passed away on Saturday 19th November in Queensland. He lived in Canberra for most of his life but had relatives in Queensland who looked after him when he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

He lived on his own in Canberra but used to take frequent trips to Europe and America. He was very interested in wine and used to enjoy talking about it.

It was rumoured that he won a High Jump competition at school and on a trip to England a few years ago, he went to the School to check this was true, it turned out to be true because he showed Roger Coulson and myself a certificate confirming this!

David was an Arsenal fan whilst Mike supported Chelsea and their other school friend Roger Coulson, supported Tottenham Hotspur. So the three of them used to have quite a lot of banter when their teams met! David also followed Australia when they played cricket. Lastly he spent many hours studying the Stock Exchange, Gold market and Exchange rates.

Mike recalls that the Australian Government had a competition for a new stamp and it was for non-Australians. Mike was in Canberra when David got his photos done to enter the competition.
Thousands entered and David got a considerable way in the competition but did not win. But they issued six stamps for David, one of which Mike still has at home. 

The photograph below was taken in Australia a few years ago when the three ‘old boys’ met up for a reunion and some golf.

From left to right - Roger, David and Mike