Denis Foreman 1933 – 2016, a teacher from 1974 - 1995

Denis Foreman was a cricketing pioneer for Sussex and a title winner with Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. Denis joined Sussex CCC in 1952 and played in 130 matches over 15 years as a middle-order batsman. He was eventually capped in 1966. Denis also excelled at football and he scored 69 goals in 219 games for the Albion over a decade.

Denis joined the staff at Shoreham Grammar School in 1974 where he was an inspirational PE teacher until 1995. He left his mark on many pupils, as you will see below.

Denis died in August, at the age of 83 after a long illness. His passing was announced on the OSA facebook page and prompted many comments and fond memories from past pupils which stand as a testament to this “kind, tolerant and gentle man”:

“Thank you for teaching me football, golf and especially cricket. You were the most caring, patient and amazing teacher I ever had! You will be sadly missed”

“Loved the stories he told on days when the rain cancelled PE”

“He was a kind man and fun to be around”

“I remember once he sprinted across the farm field behind the school to chase off some errant boys from the neighbouring comprehensive school!”

“Great sportsman, great character, genuinely funny to be around and was an absolute gent. May we all forever stay off his cricket pitch!”

“His put downs were legendary and always left you laughing, even when aimed at you!”

“He invented the legendary football, cricket, rounders! Absolutely loved that game back in the day”

“He was a perfect gentleman with an open face and beautiful smile”

“He taught me how to stand tall against the bullies during our football match and then slide tackle them with the ball, not conceding any fouls!”

“I remember how proud he was when he managed to talk Dunlop into providing the College with a cricket screen”

“My abiding memory was when we had golf lessons and, being rather short, he found an old club in the stores and cut it down in maintenance so I could join in”