Neil Harmer 1961 – 2013

Neil Harmer originated from Billericay, Essex and he attended Shoreham Grammar School between 1972 and 1977. Neil was a popular character at school who was nicknamed ‘tea and biscuits’ because, if he went to a girl’s house, he would just have tea and biscuits with the mother!

After leaving Shoreham, Neil trained as a Mental Health Nurse at North Middlesex Hospital. He subsequently married, had three sons and settled in Cambridge in the 1980s and continued to specialize in Mental Health support.

Neil sadly passed away on 16th July 2013 after a short illness. If anyone would like to know more about Neil, they can contact his friend of 40 years, Paul Townsend, another Old Shorehamer, who can be contacted via the OSA. Thank you to Paul for passing on the sad news.