Sub-Lieutenant (A) Brian Rebbeck Guy

Born: 1922
Pupil: 1936 Brother was also at Shoreham
Parents: Henry and Elsie Guy
Address: Hadley, Station Road, New Barnet
School Details: He was a boarder in Rodney House.
“Our Record” No 112 ‘Guy showed a fair defence but at present has a rather limited range of scoring strokes. A fairly good field.
"Our Record” No 114 Gained 2 Xl colours. “A sound batsman who has played consistently but must learn when and when not to run.
“Our Record” No 115 Promoted to Sergeant in Cadet Force.
Football 1st Xl: “A winger with a good sense of constructive play.”

On my last night at school before leaving, it was decided to have a “feast” after lights out in Centre (Senior Dormitory). The feast was to consist of fish and chips and Guy was detailed or volunteered to bunk down town, purchase and bring back. After a decent interval after lights went out he duly went down the fire escape and over the school walls. There was much excitement in anticipation in the dormitory but time began to pass and we wondered what had happened to Guy. Then the lights were switched on and Mr Kirkman stood at the doors. Not a sound was heard and everyone feigned to be asleep. There was no response to Kirkman’s enquiry “Is anyone awake?” George Steel, the Head Prefect, was out of his bed at the time, talking. He ducked below a bed when the lights went on and pulled himself up to the springs when Mr Kirkman looked under the beds, and passed unnoticed. After Mr Kirkman’s departure, there was much speculation as to the reason for his visit. Some twenty minutes later, Mr Kirkman came and switched on the lights again. “Who’s awake, waiting for the fish and chips?” No answer. “I know who you are. We have caught Guy with his list.” He then started to read out from the list: Blower 3d: Whitcomb 5d: Dixie 4d etc. etc.
Slowly we climbed out of bed. The whole dormitory was ushered down to the 5th form below and had to eat cold and tacky chips. An appropriate punishment. Then the Headmaster announced that before leaving in the morning we all had to report to Matron and have a dose of castor oil and pay a sum equal to our purchase into the poor box. We were very lucky the only castor oil the matron had was of the tasteless variety and not many of us had any money left at the end of term. Most had been spent on our purchase for the feast!”

1937 Cambridge Junior Cert.
1939 Cambridge Secondary Cert.
Military Details: As part of the Fleet Air Arm he was serving on H.M.S. Illustrious. On the day of his death Illustrious launched a successful air attack on the oil refinery at Surabaya on Java with the “loss of one plane”.
Memorial: Lee-on-Solent Memorial
Bay 5
Panel 5.

HMS Illustrious


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