Captain Bernard Arthur Gain

Born: 1921
Pupil: 1932
Parents: Frank Henry and Winifred May Gain
Address: 11 Bessborough Place
South Belgravia
School Details: He joined school as a boarder and was in Grenville House. "Our Record" No 103 sees him in III B and is 2/46.

Football Report: "We have a right half named Gains who is vice-captain of the team and plays for the Colts". Grenville notes "In the juniors Gain shows great promise".
"Our Record" 104

Cricket Report: "In the Colts Gain has been our most successful bowler". He was in Upper IIIB and is 4/35.
"Our Record" 105 Upper IVB 1/35.

Gain a bowler whose good length deliveries have obtained many wickets. Gains excellent batting form has helped to make him one of the most valuable all-rounders in the team".
"Our Record" 106 "BA.

"Gain has been awarded his Cricket colours and has lead the batting averages, proving capable of bowling a good ball and hitting a bad one".
"Our Record" 107 Upper IVB 4/35

Football Colts Vice Captain: "Gain has shown good form at wing-half and can be relied upon to carry our colours with distinction".
"Our Record" 108 Lower 1VA 8/33

Colts Cricket: A disappointment this season with both bat and ball. Actually an improved batsman, Gain has rarely shown his true form in matches. His bowling has deteriorated markedly, chiefly because he has not taken it seriously enough.
"Our Record" 109 Upper IVA 6/31 

The mainstay of our attack whose medium paced bowling accounted for more than half the total wickets secured. He keeps an admirable length for long spells at a time and makes use of an effective leg-break.
Our Records" 110 Upper IVA 9/27

Gain has batted well on occasion, but is inclined to play back into the bowling instead of attacking it. He is a very smart slip fieldsman.
"Our Record" 111

Football Second Xl: "A clever inside forward with a keen sense of game. He always knows where his other forwards are placed and slips them some good passes. At times, however, he hangs onto the ball too long, and thus spoils the forward movement.
"Our Record" 112

First Xl Cricket: "Has proved a great disappointment. A little more concentration on the game and he would have done much better. The ability is there; his fielding in the slips is brilliant".
"Our Record" 113

Football 1st XI: "A skilful player but one who has been disappointing on several occasions. Should be more direct with his tactics. Could use his ability to shoot more often and spends too much time telling other players what to do. That should be left to the captain.
"Congratulations to Gain as the new house captain for Grenville"
"Our Record" 114

1st Xl Cricket Notes: "A good all rounder"
Military Details: Bernard Gain died on the day that General Von Mackenson launched a major counter-offensive. The initial German success halted by heavy artillery.
Memorial: Cassino War Cemetery
XVIII. G. 12.


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