• To offer a bright, inclusive, welcoming and quiet environment which encourages pupils to enjoy reading, use ICT effectively and work quietly.
  • To offer resources and organise these resources in a manner which is accessible to all pupils and nurtures confidence.
  • To promote reading for pleasure.
  • To enable pupils to become more discriminating in their reading of fiction and non-fiction.
  • To provide resources which enable pupils to gain the necessary skills they need to become independent learners as well as working collaboratively.
  • To support teaching and learning by liaising with the Key Stage Co-ordinators, Head of Departments and Assistant Head of Curriculum to ensure that we provide relevant resources that support the curriculum. 



Both the junior school library and the main library are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm. The main library closes for staff break/lunch at 10.15am to 10.30am and 11.45am to 12.15pm, however teaching staff can still book to take supervised pupils to use the library resources.

The junior library is used for small group work during the school day and for activities such as mindfulness.

Teachers may book the main library for lessons either via the online booking system or by contacting the librarian, Mrs Iliffe.

The main library is used every day between 4pm and 5pm for Key Stage 3 supported prep. A reading group for Key Stage 3 pupils with special educational needs also takes place twice weekly in the library during form time.

The main library is also used for other events such as chess club or book club; times will be advertised.



The main library can seat 33 pupils, plus 19 computer work stations. Library books are organised into fiction, non-fiction and reference. There is also a careers section. The library stocks collections of children’s newspapers and magazines which the College regularly subscribe to.

All shelves are labelled to aid easy access to the books and all non-fiction books are organised in accordance with the Dewey System.

In the junior school, there are a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. There is also a browser box full of books catering to the Early Years.

Attractive displays, including competitions and other activities relating to reading for pleasure, will be displayed in both libraries and will be updated throughout the year.


Borrowing Books

Pupils in the junior school may borrow 1 book at a time. For pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1, books must be returned after 1 week and for pupils in Key Stage 2, books must be returned after 2 weeks.  

Pupils in the senior school may borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time. All books must be returned after 2 weeks, or renewed.


Book Boxes

Book boxes are available on request to be used either within the library or within the classroom. A book box will contain a number of different books covering a specific topic that a teacher may be covering as part of the curriculum. In order to request a book box, a teacher should contact the librarian Mrs Iliffe.


Library Blog

The Library Blog will provide updates on recent and up and coming events and activities that are taking place in both the junior and main library. To take a look at our Library Blog please click here. You can also subscribe to the blog to receive email notifications here.


Library Rules

  • The library is for quiet activities only.
  • Books must not be removed from the library without being issued correctly.
  • Lost or damaged books must be replaced or paid for.
  • The library must be left tidy and ready for the next user.
  • No food or drink (other than bottled water) to be consumed in the library.
  • Pupils using the computers in the library must adhere to the rules set out in the ‘E-Safety’ policy. 
  • Pupils whose behaviour or conduct is in breach of the College or library rules will be asked to leave.