Pupil Testimonials



“I do mindfulness every other day and I do it with my mum and brother. It makes me feel calm and happy. I have liked all of the exercises.”
Saphina Kemble

“I like doing this before and after school because it makes me feel relaxed”
Ridley Ferguson

“(I like) the breathing cause it is makes me very calm”
Ying Hao Seyan


Year 7

“I felt connected to myself”
Rufus Drewitt

“I learned that mindfulness is very important. It can help your health and stress levels and how it can help you sleep. It rewires your brain, you only have to do it for 5-10 mins. I like it a lot it helps to be stress free.”
Kyah Bennett

“I now know how to calm myself down easily”
Ernie Robertson

“That at first its hard to stay still and it takes practice to work with the mind”
Lara Pendred

“I realised meditating is good.”
Jude Trigg

“I learned how to be focused in my mind and be relaxed”
Harvey Hawkes


Year 8

“I learned how to get more relaxed quicker and that every now and again
its nice to notice things around you including food. It might take patience
and perseverance.”
Erin Johns

“I got very calm and peaceful and I liked doing the body scan because it relaxed me.”
Will Phipp

“I learned that if you just relax you can release any stress or anxiety and
just think about the more positive things in life.“
Bryony Allen

“I found that there was scientific proof on meditation which has motivated me to try it.”
Josh Pounds

“I felt relaxed and calm and a lot more happy. I learned about different types of happiness. I really enjoyed it!“
Nina Rogers

“I learned that i should do some mindfulness everyday and its good for you”
Fin Reid

“I always enjoy the body scan as it makes me comfortable. Maybe by doing that at the start will make me more focused.”
Charlotte Wedge

“I learned about Dan Harris having a panic attack. I really liked this lesson and I will do more of this at home.”
Bo Lily Emmerson

“I liked all the practices and I really liked labelling different stress in our bodies. I learned where I stress.”
Lily Skipper


2016 - Year 8

“It was interesting because I learned how to relax. It has been useful to me because I learned how to be happy and what makes us happy.”
Steve Powell

“I really liked the mindfulness training. I found it fun learning about happiness and doing the debate. I found the body scan very relaxing. Overall I thought it improved my mindfulness skills a lot. “
Ralph Leach

“I tried the body scan for the first time . I found concentrating a bit challenging. I found out that mindfulness relieves stress and you relax more by doing mindfulness. It was quite useful for when I feel stressed and it was very interesting because everyone was calm after doing the body scan. I really enjoyed mindfulness.”
Ellie Mainstone

“I thought it was good for us, especially for us as a year because we are all very hyper and sometimes stressed. So doing the body scan really relaxed us all and I found that interesting. I believe that this will help all of us near exams as well. “
Molly Hyde