Adopted 5th October 2006

  1. Name
    1. The name of the Association is “Shoreham College Parents’ Association” (“the Association”)
  2. Membership
    1. All parents or guardians with children at Shoreham College are members of the Association.
  3. Aim of the Association
    1. The Aim of the Association is to support the college in the development and education of the pupils. To achieve this the association will -
      1. Arrange social events for both the pupils and parents to develop a social ethos within the College.
      2. Help raise funds for any capital project or specific purchase as may be identified by the college from time to time.
      3. Support the college in raising funds for selected charitable causes.
    2. Shoreham College has the right of veto over any activities of The Association.
    3. The Association does not have any decision making powers in the running of Shoreham College.
  4. The Committee
    1. Membership
      1. Any member of the Association may become a member of the Committee by being nominated and seconded at the A.G.M. (see 5.6) or an E.G.M. (see 6.3).
      2. Any member of the Association may be adopted onto the committee during the year by a vote of the committee at a quorate meeting (see 4.8) as long as they were not successfully opposed for membership at the preceding A.G.M. or any intervening E.G.M. Any member adopted by the committee may not serve as an officer of the committee during that year.
      3. The Headmaster, along with up to two other members of staff or associates of the college appointed by the Headmaster, will be eligible to attend all committee meetings in a non-voting, advisory capacity.
      4. The committee may invite individuals who are not members of the Association to attend meetings in a non voting, advisory capacity.
    2. Four of the committee members will be elected to the following positions as Officers of the Committee at the A.G.M. (see 5.6) or an E.G.M. (see 6.3).
      1. The Chairperson who shall chair any committee meeting, AGM or EGM, shall have overall responsibility for the actions of the committee and prepare the Annual report for the A.G.M.
      2. The Vice Chairperson who shall deputise for the Chairperson should they be unable to carry out their duty.
      3. The Secretary who shall keep all records of committee meetings, shall ensure that the proper notice is given of all meetings (both of the committee and the A.G.M or any E.G.M.) and shall receive all nominations and correspondence.
      4. The Treasurer who shall keep all financial records of the Association and shall give reports to every meeting of the committee and the A.G.M.
    3. The Officers will be responsible for running the Association on a day-to-day basis.
    4. The Committee shall meet at least once every term.
    5. The Committee has the power to appoint an ad hoc committee for a specific purpose for a defined length of time. If the sub committee is to have any spending powers these will be agreed and assigned by the main committee (see 7.3).
    6. All committee members will be required to attend at least two thirds of the meetings held each year. Should they not attend the required number of meetings they will not be eligible to stand for the committee the following year.
    7. Any member including an officer may be voted off the committee by a majority vote at a quorate meeting (see 4.8).
    8. If an Officer of the Committee resigns or is removed by a vote their duties will be assumed by one or more of the other officers until the position is filled at an E.G.M. or the A.G.M.
    9. At least 6 voting committee members need to be present in order for a meeting to be quorate. A non quorate meeting may function as normal within the spending limits laid out in 7.3.
  5. Annual General Meeting
    1. All members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
    2. All members will be notified by letter, at least 14 clear days before the date of the meeting, of the date, place, time and agenda of the meeting.
    3. Any member wishing to have an item included under any other business at the A.G.M. must notify the Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the meeting. The officers of the committee may decide that the item should be the subject of an E.G.M. (see 6).
    4. For an A.G.M. to be quorate 10% of the total members of the Association (calculated on pupil numbers), or 40 members, which ever is less, need to be present at the meeting. If the meeting is not quorate only the election of the committee and adoption of reports can take place. The committee will then decide on any further action.
    5. The purpose of the A.G.M. will be to:
      1. Receive and Adopt the Chairpersons Annual Report.
      2. Receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
      3. Elect the Committee members and Officials for the forthcoming year (see 5.6 and 4).
      4. Conduct any other business considered necessary by the Committee.
    6. Any member needs to be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association in order to stand for election to the committee.
      1. Nominations for the Officers (see 4.2) should be received by the Secretary of the Association at least 3 days before the meeting.
      2. Should no nominations for a position be received 3 days before the meeting, nominations can then be received at the meeting.
      3. Should more than one nomination be received for a position a vote will take place at the A.G.M.
      4. All other committee members must be nominated and seconded at the meeting. Unless a proposal is opposed no vote will take place. If opposed a majority vote is required for the member concerned.
  6. Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
    1. Should the need arise an E.G.M. of the Association may be called by a minimum of 10 members who must apply in writing to the secretary and must include details of the motion to be debated.
    2. The E.G.M. must be called within one calendar month of the request being received.
    3. The same rules for notice period, attendance and quorum as well as the election of the committee and officers apply to the E.G.M. as for the A.G.M.
    4. Only the motion(s) published may be discussed at an E.G.M.
  7. Expenditure Controls
    1. The Association’s accounts will require any two of three signatures. One of the three signatories must be the Treasurer with the other two being any of the other three Officers.
    2. No payments over £50 shall be paid in cash other than by the Treasurer who may pay up to £100 only in cash.
    3. All expenditures over £250 must be agreed at a quorate meeting of the committee.
    4. Any items purchased for the College will become the property of the College.
  8. Winding up of the Association
    1. Should it become necessary to wind up the Association at any time then an E.G.M. (see 6) should be called with a single Agenda topic. The E.G.M. will-
      1. Approve the proposal to wind up the Association.
      2. Decide on how the funds and assets of the Association will be distributed.
    2. If the E.G.M. is not quorate a second meeting must be called. If this is also not quorate the funds and assets of the Association will revert to the college.
  9. Alterations of these Rules
    1. In order for this constitution to be changed a proposal must be made in writing to the A.G.M. or an E.G.M. called, giving details of the changes. For the changes to be adopted the meeting must be quorate and the vote must be supported by over 50% of the members present.


A PDF file of the above constitution is available here.