Dear Parent

May I firstly wish a very warm welcome to all new parents from the Shoreham College Parents’ Association.

The SCPA was founded in 1981 to help raise funds for the school, which at the time had less than 200 pupils. The Association has played a big part in the continuing success of Shoreham College as it has grown to its present size and success. An additional benefit of the work that was done has been to introduce a social element, helping to bring the community of families at Shoreham College closer together.

In its current form the main focus is to organise a termly event, which in the past has included a Hallowe’en party, a Winter Fayre, a circus and quiz nights. As well as being enjoyable socially, the SCPA has also raised funds for extras that enrich the experience for the children as well as for charities chosen by the committee or the school. This year we hope to have a new spring / summer event that we hope will be just as successful as well as fun for all those who choose to participate.

The SCPA Committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and other committee members that vary in numbers between 10 to 15 members. We also have the Headmaster and School Manager in attendance. The SCPA constitution explains our role in the school and is also available from the SCPA area of the school website. However, if you wish to know more about what we do why not come along to our meetings, usually held once a term or feel free to contact any member of the committee for further information.

On behalf of the Association may I wish your child/children every success at Shoreham College and look forward to your support, ideas and proposals.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Allen