Can our pupils think about their future careers too early? We don’t think so, although young people very often begin to discover more clearly their preferred direction post 16. 

We help our pupils to think about the future, from early on in their time with us. (There is a balance to be struck, of course, as forward planning needs to leave time for childhood.)

Across the College, we support our pupils through the PSHE and the Tutor Programme and dedicated outside speakers. Sessions cover a broad spread of material, including:

Year 6 - a half term topic called ‘Going for Goals’ which includes thinking about what job they might want to do and then goes on to look at the steps they would need to take to do that career/job including training, schooling etc. Voluntary work is also considered alongside paid employment.

Year 7 - ‘Moving Forward’ & ‘Careers, Future Aspirations and Values’

Year 8 - Options: ‘Not choosing what your friends choose’

Year 8&9 - Insightful Futures, tailored careers’ advice/resources

Year 9 - ‘Introduction to Work Experience’:  evening presentation e.g. what it’s all about and how to choose possible workplaces.

All of our pupils are introduced to Fast Tomato in Year 9, prior to the options process: an online careers package that evaluates their skills creating a profile, suggesting FE courses, university courses and careers and events.

Year 10 - Work experience week/evaluation of the work place experience and what they learned about themselves and their skills.

Year 10 - presentation on ‘Pathways Beyond Shoreham’ with the Headmaster e.g. apprenticeships, A-levels, gap years.

Year 10 - ‘Barclays Life Skills’, an online package offering interview skills and more to prepare young people for the 21st century workplace & making and updating a CV

Year 10 - Careers’ coaching, 1:1 meeting with Ms Hammerton in Leadership and Skills sessions.

Year 11 - Future Schools Exhibition, an evening with FE Providers e.g. BHASVIC, Worthing College, Hurst, Lancing and more. 


Leadership and Skills 

In our Leadership and Skills sessions all Year 9 pupils undertake training for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. This develops many ‘soft’ skills such as the ability to work in a team, solve problems and learn the benefits of perseverance. In addition, first aid is learned alongside navigation. Through volunteering and charity work the pupils learn to connect with the wider environment and community, developing confidence in rewarding settings.  Developing these skills prepares pupils for education and work beyond Shoreham College as well as being a well regarded qualification amongst employers and educational establishments. 

Additionally, in Year 10  we look at media projects and entrepreneurial business projects e.g. the £10 Challenge, in order to encourage innovation. We also invite in outside speakers to give talks to our pupils on real life experiences and their career stories.

There is also a module called ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ for Year 10 designed to help pupils recognise the challenges and opportunities of working in multicultural and complex settings, in  21st century Britain. This supports our work in PSHE. 

Our Assistant Head, Key stage 4 discusses applications to FE Colleges, independent sixth forms and other providers with Year 11 and they complete a record of experience for him. He writes references to their destinations of choice and advises them on structuring personal statements. We are very proud of the fact that almost all of our pupils successfully leave us to go on to sixth form courses of their choice.


The College Library

Our College Librarian, Mrs Iliffe-Cohen, maintains a careers’ display and is always on hand to assist pupils in researching ideas and guidance.  Articles and magazines and prospectuses from colleges are provided and pupils are pointed in the direction of excellent resources that are on line. The librarian also liaises with the Head of Leadership & Skills and the Assistant Heads, Key Stage 3 and 4, to provide support for pupils on their journey.

Two such examples are  and


The Headmaster

The Headmaster always has an open door policy and is happy to speak with parents, and pupils, about young people’s futures. He has written advice on this website, ‘Beyond Shoreham’ and is happy to help at any time. If he doesn’t have an answer to a question straight away, he will find out and come back to parents or to a pupil.