Gifted and talented

We have a range of pupils here at Shoreham - and we are proud of that fact.

Some of our pupils will go on to practical vocational placements, some will go on to take up those courses regarded as classical degrees at a Russell Group University.

As a College, we need to assist all of those people finding out about themselves and getting what they need to make the right progress.

For our gifted and talented pupils, including the academic highly able, we expect heads of department to inspire and lead them in extra learning beyond the normal curriculum and we also offer an activity programme, 4-5pm, which includes challenging clubs e.g. science, environmental groups, chess, and there are discrete projects that are made available: the ISA essay competitions and art competitions, the Science Crest Awards, LAMDA in drama. We also offer Key Stage 3 the Senior Challenges (independent learning projects) that enable them to engage in a wide variety of topics like genetics, political history, and classical literature and we offer 'Advanced' certificates for their work.