Head Girl and Boy

Words from Lilia and Svante 2017-18

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Firstly, thank you to our speaker, Amy Williams….

It's always encouraging to see what passion and commitment some have to their jobs and activities, and that is what it's all about isn't it? Commitment and passion. The fuel that allows for any and all of our achievements; a glimmer of hope in the mundane everyday life in the human condition. And it is the most essential ingredient in the recipe for a success.

This flaming and burning dedication is something that we all encounter in different ways; through a really loyal friend; a completely selfless volunteer; or personally through a hobby you wish you could do full-time. For me it was music. I would spend every break playing and experimenting with chord progressions and strange cadences, for as long as I had the ability to ask if I could use a practice room.

And that was the first obstacle on my journey to the music room every break time: my language. As many may know or can tell from my accent, I'm of Swedish origin and on the day I joined in year 7 I knew the very complex language of "hello" and "could you pass the salt". Even then the faces of people were either perplexed or filled to the brim with confusion.  Let’s just say that it was … not fun.

The year was interesting to say the least. But as a wise man once said to me "just learn English". That was from my first english lesson … so I did. I worked all night even after the exhaustion that was the incomprehensible school day and like a cartoonish sequence you would see me discovering my english powers… kind of like spiderman but less epic. The next day I would unleash my new vocabulary techniques. "Hello how are you doing today?". Success!

This story may not be directly relatable and we all have different challenges and obstacles in our way for anything we do, but it would not be possible without the amazing support of the many teachers that brightened up my day. Every google translated key words sheet, every time I would receive extra help in class or with the prep enabled me to grow. The teachers I have had have truly cared for my success and what more could I possibly ask for? Mr Manson pouring his musical passion into every concert and assisting the dedicated Mr Hoggarth with the next school play.

Mr Menezes bringing together a whole band of different students made for some of the most entertaining and questionable performances I have ever been part of. It was a good time.

I will close with a short poem:

The list is too long to name them all.
But the cleaning staff deserve a special place, in the hall
Of fame, for they are legendary,
For the mess we make is almost quite scary.
The cooking staff are also essential;
Their meals so delicious, yet also experimental.
The groundsman is also not to be forgotten;
For if he left the grounds, they would simply be rotten.
Lastly, with patience unreal, for the greatest feat,
The lollipop-man helps me cross the street.

Thank you all.


Photo of Head Girl


I would like to start by saying thank you to all the members of staff at Shoreham College. The teachers have all been so helpful and supportive throughout my time here and have always gone that extra mile to ensure that we are fully prepared.

I think one of my favourite aspects of the school is the originality of the teachers, as they are always bringing something new to our lessons. For example, our much looked forward to maths lessons, where we would hear about all of Mr Burns' stories and his latest discoveries that Alexa, his Amazon Echo, can in fact turn on the kettle with just the use of his voice!

I also still remember back in year 7 when Mrs Harding made a deal with our biology class, that she would perform the cup song, as we had told her she looks like ‘Anna Kendrick’ from Pitch Perfect. She had agreed to do it in front of my class if we all got a B or above in our Biology exam, and much to her surprise, she ended up having to sing.

I also remember having Miss Whitmill come into our English class for the first time to give us a lesson on Frankenstein. She proceeded in teaching us all of the gory details and ended the lesson by telling us she could “smell all our brains!”

After a short period of panic from set 1 English, we realised that she had not popped out of the book and that she was in fact very friendly, and helped us so much throughout the year! I would also like to thank Miss Geoghegan on behalf of 11GE, as she has been our form teacher since year 7 and will be greatly missed by us all.

I wish I could stand here and thank each individual teacher for all their effort and hard work they put into lessons, as well as out of classes to help the pupils, as we are all sincerely grateful.

I would also like to say that Shoreham College offers opportunities that I never thought I would have, such as school trips: the Duke of Edinburgh and my first and last ever sports day which I took part in this year. Little did I know that I would be wearing multiple people’s PE kits, including a pair of boy’s shorts that I found in lost property, and that I would be entered into the 400m race, just seconds before it started. Despite being extremely unprepared and in fact losing the race, I still have a great time and would like to thank the PE department for all the effort they put into organising sports fixtures and ISA athletic events.

Additionally, thank you to Miss Casserly in the Art department for always bringing new ideas and resources to our lessons. Lastly, I  would like to thank all the language teachers for their ongoing support, as learning a language is not easy and is certainly something I never thought I would be capable of doing.

Thank you again to our guest speaker and to everyone who came here today. I wish all the year 11s the best of luck following on from here and I hope you all get the results you hoped for and deserve.

Thank you and good luck.


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