Computer Science

Here at Shoreham College we aim to prepare children for life in the 21st century. Pupils are not only provided with stimulating and challenging ICT activities within dedicated classes, but it is also integrated into everyday classroom teaching.

All technology is viewed as a tool to support and enhance learning in the classroom. Individual subject teachers have access to one of three suites of computers as well as two class sets of Chromebooks.

In ICT classes, children undertake challenging and engaging programming type activities with software applications such as Scratch, Notepad Editor for HTML and Python. In the Junior school pupils also have the opportunity to undertake blogging, podcast production, video production, green screen technology and video editing. Pupils’ ICT skills are developed through enjoyable, hands on, project-based activities, which aim to involve higher order thinking skills at all levels.

Everyday usage of web-based technologies such as Google Applications, enables pupils to create shared documents and collaborate more easily on projects and on content creation as well as accessing email and calendars.

Using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), pupils can easily communicate with teachers, access online resources which have been made available by teachers giving them access to anytime, anywhere learning – education isn’t limited by the walls of the classroom. At all times pupils have access to class resources and course content.