Mathematics at Shoreham College from Years 7 to 11 is taught in a suite of dedicated, air-conditioned classrooms by 4 experienced and qualified mathematics teachers.

We aim to develop, maintain and stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in mathematics by developing pupils’ familiarity with appropriate mathematical concepts, principles, methods and vocabulary. Pupils are encouraged to develop personal qualities including problem solving, questioning, self-confidence, perseverance, and the ability to work independently and as a group. Above all, we would like our pupils to experience success in mathematics at an appropriate level to their abilities in a stimulating learning environment.

All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and all pupils are given their own text books around which our courses at both Key Stage 3 and 4 are based. The syllabus from Year 7 follows the National Curriculum and is an excellent foundation for the skills required when pupils start their GCSE course in Year 10.

In Year 7 pupils are taught in their form groups and receive five 40 minute lessons of mathematics per week. The work is carefully differentiated allowing all pupils to make good progress no matter what their past experience in mathematics has been. Any gaps in their knowledge are addressed accordingly. All topics covered have a range of extension material to challenge the more able pupils and there is excellent support for the less confident. At the end of Year 7, pupils are placed in sets based on their overall performance during Year 7 and pupils continue to be taught in sets throughout Years 8 to 11. Pupil progress is closely monitored and reviewed as are the sets.

Our chosen exam board for GCSE is OCR and pupils are currently following the J562 syllabus. Pupils have dedicated text books for this course together with study guides, workbooks and DVDs to support their study. The College also subscribes to the online website “MyMaths” that all pupils have access to.

As a department, we are delighted that many of our pupils choose to continue their mathematics studies beyond GCSE at sixth form college.