At Shoreham College we offer French from our primary school and French and Spanish to Key Stage 3 right through to GCSE. Once the students make that all important transition into Year 7 they will continue to study French with a seven week introductory Spanish curriculum that will provide them the basics to study a second language. Year 8 will again refocus their language study on French with the last half of the academic year delving further into Spanish preparing them for their preparatory GCSE study year.

In Year 9 students will have a full year of study in their chosen language, working towards an entry level certificate, which will provide our students with a firm grasp of vocabulary and general use of grammar that will support them throughout two years of intensive GCSE study.

We want our students to build a strong foundation in both Spanish and French in order for them, and us, to make a clear and informed decision in regard to their GSCEs to ensure that their chosen language is right for them and will offer them the best opportunity to succeed.