Religious Studies

Religious studies in Key Stage 3 covers all world religions with an especial emphasis on drawing out the underlying philosophical and ethical implications of the material.

Students are encouraged from the outset to actively enjoy the learning and the questioning, to appreciate a range of viewpoints, and to develop the sophistication of their oral and written responses. This is with a view to them hopefully selecting the philosophy & ethics GCSE course in Key Stage 4, which has been the most popular option choice now for some years - testament to the subject’s verve and relevance.

Religious studies is a true curriculum melting pot where students can process their wider learning - notably from science, history, literature and the influence of the mass media. The maturity of thought and expression it inculcates is much valued at post-16 levels.

Whilst there is no particular religious agenda in the teaching of this subject, greater emphasis is placed on the teaching of Jesus and the Christian tradition (as the main historical and cultural religious influence for the vast majority of our intake) as students are expected to reference this at GCSE level in their answers.