Seniors 11-16 years of age

Problem solving, thinking skills and independent learning are fostered through a broad range of subjects following the national curriculum.

In Year 9 many subjects begin their GCSE courses, enabling pupils to get a flavour of the subject matter. Pupils are encouraged to make the most of their abilities and to choose, through discussion and guidance from their teachers, a wide and balanced GCSE curriculum for which they are well prepared and supported.

Clear targets are set and academic progress is monitored closely. The Challenge Grade Reporting System provides parents with crucial information about their child’s progress on a half-termly basis. Any further concerns can be discussed with the appropriate teacher whenever necessary.

As public examinations approach, the pupils are advised on revision techniques and support is given right through the examination period. Pupils are also made fully aware of opportunities in further education and careers, enabling them to make informed decisions and head confidently into their future lives.