Uniform List


Little Lions

Reception to Year 6

Year 7
to Year 11

College Blazer with trim and badge*


Mid Grey Trousers


College Skirt (must be worn below the knee)*


Mid Grey Tailored Shorts



House Tie (not worn with College Skirt)*


House badge (worn with College Skirt)*


White Shirt – Long-Sleeved (not tailored or fitted)
& long enough to be tucked in.


White Shirt – Short-Sleeved for Summer (not tailored or fitted) & long enough to be tucked in


College Jumper*


Little Lions Polo Shirt*



Little Lions Sweatshirt*



Grey Socks (worn with trousers)


Black Tights (worn with a skirt)



Black or Flesh Coloured Tights (worn with a skirt)



Long White Socks (worn with a skirt)


Short White Socks for Summer (worn with a skirt)


Plain Black Leather Shoes with Low Flat Heels


Wellington Boots


Winter Coat (PLAIN Black / PLAIN Navy Blue)


Art Overall / Old Shirt


College Polo Shirt (with College logo)*


College Rugby Shirt (from Year 3) *


College Hoodie*


College Tracksuit Bottoms*

Plain Black Shorts (up to Year 3)


College Games Shorts (from Year 3)*        


College Skort*


College Football Socks*


Short White Socks for PE


Sports Trainers (non-marking)

Football Boots (from Year 3)


White Cricket Shirt


White Cricket Trousers


Plain Black Swimming Trunks  / Costume


Swimming Hat (colour dependent upon ability, from Matron)*



College Games Bag (from Year 3)*


College Haversack Bag*



College Book Bag*


College Rucksack*


ALL articles of clothing must be clearly marked with name tapes.
(The Parents' Association receive a commission if you use this link to order labels https://www.stikins.co.uk/)
For health and safety reasons, shin pads must be worn in Football, Rugby and Hockey.
Mouthguards must be worn for Rugby and Hockey and are advised for Football.
Specific items marked * are available from the College Shop run by Matron.
Items in italics are optional.
We would remind pupils that it is their responsibility to wear their uniform correctly and smartly at all times.


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