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Learning at Home

Learning at Home

Children learn in many different situations, and we believe it is important that a child’s learning extends beyond school and continues at home.

Our weekly newsletter to parents outlines the classwork and activities that have taken place in school and suggests follow-up tasks at home. We communicate to parents how to progress their child’s learning further, and advise on home activities to support this. Each child has a personalised home/school diary, which gives information and guidance on learning.

Reading plays an important role in children’s learning and literacy. We aim to foster a love of reading that supports children’s learning throughout their lives. Children bring books home with a reading log so that parents may record what their child has read, and whether they enjoyed it.

We know that working in partnership with our children and our families gives our pupils the best possible support for success. We delight in celebrating our children’s learning, and we have a ‘WOW’ wall where parents can share their child’s completed home activities and other achievements. We also have a home learning wall, which signposts activities for Mathematics and cross-curricular challenges.