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Welcome from Mrs Bakhtiari

Our vibrant school lies at the heart of our local community.

Here, we work together with our families in the complicated and joint endeavour of preparing our young people for life in the 21st century. Our core belief is that happy children are successful children, and we nurture our young people to be:

  • ambitious learners, aware that if they invest the effort and hard work, they have the potential to achieve almost anything;
  • compassionate individuals who care for each other and the planet and play an active role in the wider community;
  • self-driven achievers who live up to altruistic ideas and values;
  • resilient individuals who are confident in themselves and experienced in success in its broadest terms.

Shoreham College is a family school for pupils from the age of 3 to 16. Our pupils benefit from specialist resources and teaching, breadth of curriculum, and plentiful leadership opportunities. Our inclusive ethos sets us apart as a true family school, recognising what each child has to offer, rather than testing to see whether they fit a mould.

We welcome our children, celebrating them as unique individuals. Our friendly community allows for this in a way that larger schools cannot, and we rejoice in the opportunities this provides every member of our school. We are committed to supporting all our pupils in achieving their own potential, whether this means an Oxbridge pathway, an apprenticeship, or pursuing excellence in a chosen field, such as the arts, sport, or STEM. Whatever a young person’s aspirations, we provide a stimulating and nurturing environment, tailored for the individual; this is a key strength of Shoreham College.

We love to share our enthusiasm for our school and to show exactly what it is that makes us special. Please come and visit us: talk to our staff, meet our wonderful children, and savour our beautiful setting and facilities. You may visit our forest school, enjoy our art studio, experience our excellent lessons, or attend an event or specialist function. Please take your time. Choosing a school is an important decision, and we understand and respect the responsibility you place in us when you choose Shoreham College. You are always welcome to visit, and we extend the warmest of welcomes to you and your family at any time of the school year.

Mrs Sarah Bakhtiari.

'My son has benefited so much, not just with his subjects but has become more socially confident and mature, as a result of the College's great pastoral care and ethos. We couldn't have chosen a better school.'


3–5 Years

Little Lions Pre-School

Little Lions covers the period of a child's development and learning in the preschool and reception classes.

5–11 years


We give your child an excellent academic education which broadly follows the national curriculum.

11–16 Years


We offer our pupils a vibrant and stimulating learning environment with cutting edge facilities.